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This project includes files for a D&D style Stat Roller/Character creator made in Ren'Py. You can use this as a tool for a campaign or in your own Ren'Py project.

This is still very much a WIP but I'm hoping to add stuff here and there to improve it as I am able to. 

 Please note that I am using the Systems Reference Document for 5e as a reference and will be going by the open game license standards to avoid any legal troubles. I recommend you do the same should you use this in a project of your own. 

If you like what I'm doing, please consider giving me a one-time tip via the MysteryCorgi Token of Appreciation so I can continue to work on projects like these. Or you can support me onKo-fi as well. 

Page Background/Icon Background - Parrallax Forest Background by Digital Moons
Lucy Sprite - Karamelow
Code stuffs - MysteryCorgi


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